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We like to think the DNA of councils was formed when neighbours got together to solve common problems.

Generations later, councils provide a wide range of services to much larger populations.

Globally and locally, our growing human population brings new challenges.

We find ourselves in a world that seems to be moving at a rate of knots: while there are more and more of us with more and more technology, our environment is changing and – if we scratch beneath the surface – we are discovering there are fewer resources and less energy available to meet those challenges.

Past certainties are falling away. Communities and their leaders are facing a more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (“VUCA”) future.

Are leaders in local government – at any level – ready to guide their teams and communities through these new challenges?

At Ptok Consulting, we like to work with local government leaders – at all levels – who are open to new ideas. We like to work with people who are on the lookout for new insights about themselves, their teams, their organisations and community.

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Greg's extensive knowledge .... together with his people skills, diligence and reliability, have earned him the absolute respect of staff and elected officials alike at Council.