About us

Ptok Consulting was founded by Gregor Ptok in 2014 and incorporated as Ptok Consulting Pty Ltd on 1 July 2016.

We are a management consultancy for local government in Australia, specialising in comparative reporting and organisational development. Our perspective is global yet also passionately local and, ultimately, personal.

Our Name

After months of experimenting with different names and acronyms around local government, people, leadership, team development, comparative reporting and community, Greg chose “Ptok Consulting” – no other name seemed to capture the essence of what he was trying to do with the business. “Ptok Consulting” – is distinctive and provides flexibility to refine the offering as the business develops.

Our Founder

Quality information, authentic analysis, and being part of a community are crucial when charting the best course in our rapidly changing world.

This is the space of Gregor Ptok’s professional contribution; and his conclusion after 30+ years’ of personal development, being part of many organisations, and navigating major changes (living and working in two languages, seven cities, and three countries).

For over 10 years he has been consulting to the local government sector in Australia – sourcing information, facilitating analysis, and building community in teams and organisations.
Quality comparative information has been his main contribution to the sector – he refined remuneration surveys and he developed and facilitated annual benchmarking surveys for councils in three States. In addition, he has contributed in the organisational and leadership development space. In in recent years, after concluding leadership is the lynchpin of all change, he sought out leading-edge interventions to introduce to the sector.

He is also a bit of a serial (and social) entrepreneur.
He started as freelance consultant in 2013 and incorporated Ptok Consulting in 2016.
In 2018, to better serve his clients, he pitched the idea of a sector-controlled local government clearinghouse for comparative information at the National General Assembly.
In December 2018, he founded “The 2080 Institute” to seriously ask the question “What is humanity’s best trajectory to 2080 and beyond?”.
Whilst The 2080 Institute is looking at a very long planning horizon, to do something that addresses an immediate need, he will launch a property development not-for-profit in the near future.

For FY 2020, the focus of his work will be Ptok Consulting and the property development not-for-profit, with The 2080 Institute continuing in the background.

If your interest is quality information, authentic analysis and building communities, please get in touch and let’s start a conversation!

Our Team

Our team is recruited locally in Carnegie.

Our first team member was Novia Santosa, whose attention to detail and determination helped create some of our core data source and reporting workbooks. We are grateful for her contribution, in particular the accuracy of her work, and wish her well in her career as financial adviser.

Our second team member was Aparna Jha (People & Culture Consultant, BA (Hons), PGDHRM). She was responsible for managing our comparative reporting projects in Victoria and South Australia. We are grateful for her contribution over several years, especially her commitment and work on the benchmarking projects, and congratulate her to her work with Telstra and, since 2019, with the City of Casey.

Our third team member was Ramya Tadavarthi (Administration Assistant). She supported our market research and external communication. We are grateful for her contribution over several years, especially her enthusiasm and have-a-go attitude, and wish her well with the business she is setting up.

Our fourth team member is Shreedevi Bijapur (Administration Assistant – Finance). She assists us with bookkeeping and data entry.

Our fifth team member was Louise Daglish (People & Culture Consultant, BSc). She ran a number of staff survey projects for us. We are grateful for her contribution, in particular her survey communication and management, and wish her well with her continued success with her own HR consulting business.

Our sixth team member was Kim Manley (People & Performance Consultant). She worked with us on HR Analytics projects. We are grateful for her contribution, in particular her workshop development work, and wish her continued success as self-employed people and performance consultant.

Our Network

Candice Smith – The Thinking Field

Ptok Consulting is honoured to have Candice Smith, Founder at The Thinking Field, Thinking Environment Specialist, Learning Facilitator, and Coach as member of our network.

Greg Ptok was taught The Thinking Environment by her and recommends her, as one of Nancy Kline’s global faculty members, to individuals and organisations that wish to be trained in The Thinking Enviroment.

Candice has worked for over two decades to help bring out the innate humanity of individuals and organisations in the public and corporate sectors. Following a first career in academic publishing, she transitioned into facilitation and coaching in 2004 to help build individual and team effectiveness through more courageous and value- rich relationships. Born in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, she was initiated into organisational life in the early days of post-Apartheid democracy. Driven by a need to shift the quality of human interaction at an individual, group and systemic level, Candice trained in the Thinking Environment with Nancy Kline, the founder of TimeTo Think, in 2005. This work is about encouraging a way of being that says “You
matter, your thinking makes a difference; and if you knew that, what would you do now?” In 2008, Candice established Time To Think’s South African office and four years later, she emigrated to Australia.

If you would like to find out more, contact us and we will happily arrange an introduction.

Cornerstone Integral – 21st century organisational development

Ptok Consulting is proud to have Cornerstone Integral in our network.

Greg Ptok met John Eklund and Mark Keily whilst learning The Thinking Environment.

The work of Cornerstone Integral is truly cutting edge. Their application of the sense making Integral Framework (based on research of Ken Wilber) provides a holistic view of what is taking place in an organisation. It allows leaders and HR / OD practitioners to understand where gaps are and what to do to address them. They are able to put into context what is currently being done and build on that, without replacing existing programs .

The first time they explained their framework to Greg, he was left stunned – by both its simplicity, and its comprehensiveness. If there is a framework that is able to truly support people on their development path – theirs is it. 

Ptok Consulting has made special arrangements for organisations they introduce to Cornerstone Integral. Contact us to find out more.

Warren Dean - DataTale

Ptok Consulting is excited to be able to introduce Warren Dean, Founder at DataTale, to our network.

Greg has been providing comparative reporting services for over ten years and is always on the lookout for ways to visualise data and assist councils in making the most of their data. Greg found Warren’s introduction to PowerBI a great way to explore this latest data visualisation and business analytics tool. 

Warren founded DataTale with the belief that with the advancements of business intelligence tools like Power BI, anyone with minimal training can effectively analyse their data to gain insights. His aim is to equip the local government sector to deliver data-driven results. DataTale specialises in Power BI Training and Consulting as is uniquely designed by local government for local government.

Warren is a Certified Data Science Associate via Dell EMC and was part of the team awarded the Victorian I-Award for AI or Machine Learning innovation of the year in 2018. He founded the Local Government BI Meetup in Victoria with attendees from over 30 councils and has spoken internationally regarding his Business Intelligence work.

Contact us if you want us to arrange an introduction.