About us

Ptok Consulting was founded by Gregor Ptok in 2014 and incorporated as Ptok Consulting Pty Ltd on 1 July 2016.

We are a management consultancy for local government in Australia, specialising in comparative reporting and organisational development. Our perspective is global yet also passionately local and, ultimately, personal.

Our Name

Ptok Consulting was Greg’s final, exhausted choice when looking for a business name. He spent months experimenting with different names and acronyms around local government, people, leadership, team development, comparative reporting and community, but could not find one which seemed to capture the essence of what he was trying to do with the business. After many conversations with colleagues and friends, he decided to go with “Ptok Consulting” – it is distinctive and provides flexibility to refine the offering as the business develops.

Our Founder

Born in Munich and moving to Hobart as young adult, Gregor Ptok’s life is a journey of transition from the German- to the English-speaking world. Trained in law in Australia and Germany to Masters’ level, he is a consultant by trade and mediator by nature.

Greg held consulting and leadership roles in Germany, London, Sydney and Melbourne. He has been working with councils since 2008, initially as HR Consultant for the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW (now Local Government NSW) and then, after relocating to Melbourne in 2013, as self-employed consultant.

Whilst working for LGNSW, he was responsible for the continued development of their their long-running Remuneration Survey. He facilitated CEO Performance Reviews and conducted organisational reviews at 15 councils. He started using Employee Engagement Surveys and, in 2011, developed and launched an HR Metrics Benchmarking Survey for Local Government NSW. He has delivered the benchmarking survey and associated reporting annually since then.

Since 2014, Greg’s business has also taken on the Municipal Association of Victoria’s annual HR Benchmarking Survey and launched HR Metrics Benchmarking for councils in South Australia as partner of LGA SA.

Greg’s experience of moving between cultures helped sharpen his focus on what is essential – the quality of the relationships and community we are part of. His personality type is very rare – only 4% of the population have a similar preference for gathering and reporting information and only 2% put it in the service of the question: “How does this affect everyone?”

Our Team

Our team is recruited locally in Carnegie.

Our first team member was Novia Santosa, whose attention to detail and determination helped create some of our core data source and reporting workbooks. We appreciate her work and wish her well in her career as financial adviser.

Our second team member is Aparna Jha (People & Culture Consultant, BA (Hons), PGDHRM).

Aparna is responsible for managing our comparative reporting projects in Victoria and South Australia.

She is an HR professional who has lived and worked in India, the United States and now Australia. Her areas of expertise include creating HR processes and best practices, organisational development, diversity and inclusion, training and development, as well as ethics and compliance.

Prior to moving to Australia, Aparna worked with two leading global manufacturing giants as HR Manager. Her most recent role was as Senior HR Manager for Cummins Inc., a global manufacturing organization with staff strength of over 20,000. In this capacity, Aparna’s duties included HR investigations at country level, interventions for creating an inclusive environment, facilitating ethics workshops for staff, and reporting of ethics data to local and global senior management.

In the course of her career, Aparna has worked on recruitment and selection, performance management, training and development, employee satisfaction survey analysis, creating internal communication tools, staff on-boarding, and creating campus recruitment programs.
Aparna has a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading and travelling.


Our third team member is Ramya Tadavarthi (Administration Assistant).

Ramya is supports our market research and external communication.


Our fourth team member is Shreedevi Bijapur (Administration Assistant – Finance).

Shreedevi is supports our bookkeeping, data entry and for

Our fifth team member is Louise Daglish (People & Culture Consultant, BSc)

Louise is invaluable in running our staff surveys.

She has more than 15 years’ experience in human resource and organisational psychology consulting, working across many industries including finance, retail, manufacturing, education, local government and not-for-profit. She holds a Bachelor of Science in addition to post graduate qualifications in Human Resources. Louise has also attained accreditation for the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the SHL testing suite among other psychometric tools.

A member of the Australian Human Resources Institute, Louise has a passion for people, believing that a well designed and managed human resource system is a fundamental component of a successful business. A well rounded generalist, Louise also brings to the table specialist knowledge of employee surveys.

Prior to joining Ptok Consulting, Louise worked with an international development agency and a global financier, providing human resources advice to senior executives across the business.


Our sixth team member is Kim Manley (People & Performance Consultant)

Kim is working with us on HR Analytics projects.

She has over 30 years’ experience in local government, most recently as Manager Organisational Development.

Our Network

Candice Smith – Thinking Environment Specialist

Candice has worked for over two decades to help bring out the innate humanity of individuals and organisations in the public and corporate sectors. Following a first career in academic publishing, she transitioned into facilitation and coaching in 2004 to help build individual and team effectiveness through more courageous and value- rich relationships. Born in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, she was initiated into organisational life in the early days of post-Apartheid democracy. Driven by a need to shift the quality of human interaction at an individual, group and systemic level, Candice trained in the Thinking Environment with Nancy Kline, the founder of TimeTo Think, in 2005. This work is about encouraging a way of being that says “You
matter, your thinking makes a difference; and if you knew that, what would you do now?” In 2008, Candice established Time To Think’s South African office and four years later, she emigrated to Australia.

Cornerstone Integral – Integrally based leadership and organisational development specialist

Cornerstone Integral is a leading edge Australian consulting organisation, focused exclusively on providing integrally based scalable solutions to modern leadership and organisational development challenges.

Cornerstone Integral works with leaders and key decision makers who want to create real systemic and sustainable transformation for their organisations, their people and themselves. 

A Partnership with Cornerstone will shift your perspective by:

  • Developing organisational mastery, ensuring ethically sustainable growth that accounts for your profits your people and the planet 
  • Increasing the capacity and capability of your people to embrace the ever increasing complexity of organisational life
  • Ensuring your organisations vision, values and strategy is effectively translated through to the operational areas of the business 
  • Changing your approach to developing your leadership by ensuring you provide experiences that expand their perspective and the quality of their decision making 
  • Building aligned teams, cultures, systems and structures that are fit for the purpose of the organisation
  • Creating a Legacy of high performance and strategic excellence in your organisation.