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Transforming Meetings

The quality of all decision-making and action is determined by the quality of the thinking that preceded it.

The quality of thinking is determined by how the thinker is treated at the time when they are doing their thinking. Nancy Kline has identified the components that enable people to do their best thinking.

We consciously use those components when facilitating meetings; to help decisionmakers and stakeholders arrive at robust decisions, taking the most efficient route.

Actionable Conversations

Actionable Conversations are our tool of choice for cost-effective in-house leadership- and team-development for Councils and communities.

They are locally-led conversations where participants can explore and apply ideas from best-selling business authors to their real-life challenges. Following the conversation, participants can use an app to keep track of actions they wish to implement as a result of the conversation.

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Leadership Development

The quality of leadership – at Councillor, Executive and Management level – is a key driver of organisational performance.

Is your leadership providing an environment where your team members are able to flourish and contribute their best? Are you able to contribute your best?

Ptok Consulting not only offers innovative tools for internal leadership development.

In Cornerstone Integral, our network also provides access to a leading-edge Australian consulting organisation focused exclusively on providing integrally based, scalable solutions to modern leadership and organisational development challenges.


Comparative reporting

Comparative reporting is the starting point for evidence-based decision-making. It describes the unique characteristics of each organisation and community. The use of benchmarking to identify “best practice” focuses attention and informs action.

We run quality, cost-effective comparative reporting projects and cover the whole spectrum of activity: from survey development and questionnaire design, through data gathering and validation, to analysis and report presentation – since 2010 and, in 2017, for over 100 councils in NSW, VIC and SA.

Australian Local Government Clearinghouse Project

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